Who Is My God

I often hear people question the existence of God, his purpose and what part does he play, I must confess at times more so now than ever, I too have had many doubts and questions, and in finding an acceptable resolve for me inspired me to write.
Subscribing to the ideology of religion has never been one of my strong suits, actually I believe the concept of religion plays a major role in divisiveness in the world and serves to do nothing more than that, however as I think and write I would tend to plug info from different faiths as these have been the genesis of the God/s concept (call it what you will).
In order to dive deep into this one should poses a major understanding of theological teachings, unfortunately I am not that person, and can only conceptualise words and thoughts from my learnt understandings throughout my journey thus far.
One might question my sanity when I say I believe God is in us! And when I say God is in us I don’t mean figuratively, I am referring to its being, its energy. But put a pin there, we will come back to that.
We (religion) tend to believe the God they serve is the one true God, and I say you are all right, simply because it’s your God.
The Bible, Genesis 1:26 says “Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness”. Note the “Us” (like it or not, it’s there). In the Qur’an He says in Surah al-Anbiya’ 21:107 “And We did not send you (O Muhammad) except as a mercy to the world.” Note “we”. Whilst I openly lack the knowledge and theological understanding of both, fact remains it is there. Both sects believe there is ultimately “ONE TRUE GOD” and there are no subs or differentiations. Yet in their teachings both has God and Allah referring to themselves in the plural. “Yes I have more questions than answers”, and lends to my thought of God being a Plural “unlimited” entity.
I am swayed to believe we are all of God and he is within us and we call him by many names: – Yahweh, Adonai, El Shaddai, Jehovah, Theos, Kyrios, Elohim, Allah, Elah, Om and Gayatri, to name a few, the list goes on..
But I now add other names which may not be palatable to your concept, it is also my belief he also goes by the name Relativity and The Big Bang. All descriptive names of who some consider to be our creator and/or creation, but I digress.
The God factor is a being of us, thus belief in/of your creation is a direct channel of acceptance of your individual ideology of God.
The weight of the world turmoil in my humble opinion exist simply because we look to the stars for “A God” and not subscribe to the God within us. The being within us. The being with the ability to share, care and love. The being that looks within and not looks out for solutions.
The answers to our safe travels through this journey have been given to us as our God dwells within us “Plural”. The Human race has been distracted for centuries by the thirst for more, at the cost of many. These activities burn away at the core of our God, Our God within us! The ideology of religion and the thirst for power only serves to destroy and sway away from GOD (within you).
It is only when we accept our responsibility for our individual actions, accepting each action affects our universal growth and development, both in the physical and spiritual as we all comprise of God, only then we the human race would being to heal, build and find our true destiny.
So you may ask who my God is. My God is me!


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